The Fachstelle für interkulturelle Suchtprävention und Gesundheitsförderung (FISP) is funded by the Verein für interkulturelle Suchtprävention und Gesundheitsförderung (VISP). It is an association under the terms of Art. 60 ff ZGB with headquarters in Zurich. It is active throughout the canton of Zurich.

The purpose of the association is defined in the statutes:
"VISP" actively takes all the necessary measures in order to promote the prevention of addiction amongst migrants in the canton of Zurich. In particular, the association is committed to:

  • Collaboration with responsible authorities in communities and in the canton
  • Collaboration with responsible organisations throughout Switzerland
  • Collaboration with regional and canton-wide bodies for addiction prevention in the canton of Zurich
  • Collaboration with migrant organisations
  • Collaboration with organisations with a similar objective
  • Coordination of the relevant activities in the canton
  • Support of the efforts of general health promotion and social integration